Making your farm safer gives you the tools you need to create effective safety and training materials for your farm.

As farms change with new technology and workers, documenting safety practices becomes an important way to ensure your farm and your employees are protected.

What we offer

  • An easy-to-use tool to create Safe Work Procedures from any web browser
  • Printable job aids to post in key areas around your farm
  • A free app for iPhone and Android smart phones to access training and safety info from anywhere, even when you're outside of cell phone range
  • Sample materials to help you get started


  • Help your employees work more safely and efficiently
  • Improve your training process
  • Access training info from anywhere on your smart phone
  • Give your employees access to training info on their phones
  • Demonstrate due diligence
  • Save time on your Canada Farm Safe plan was developed and tested by Canadian farmers, and is the easiest way to start improving the safety of your farm.

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What is a Safe Work Procedure?

A Safe Work Procedure (SWP) lists the steps to complete a job safely, as well as any protective equipment and training needed, hazards to watch out for, and ways of avoiding them.

SWPs help train new employees, provide an ongoing reference, and make up a big piece of your Canada Farm Safe plan, which helps demonstrate due diligence.

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With our free app for iPhone and Android, you can access your SWPs anywhere. After you connect the app to your account, your procedures will be available even when you have no reception or internet access.

Are your employees on smart phones? The Safe Farms app can make your procedures always available, right in their pocket.

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